Move in and Move Out Cleaning

Moving-In Cleaning

1. Vacuum and clean the floor and windows thoroughly before moving the furniture in. This makes sure that there is no accumulation of dust which is more likely to occur here.

2. Make sure that the kitchen cabinets are neat and clean. If you have undertaken pest control work, ask the cleaners to thoroughly clean the cabinets and neutralize the odor, if any.

Moving-Out Cleaning Mop and clean all the rooms of the house including windows.

In the kitchen, scrub and clean the grime and dirt on the kitchen countertops, walls, and cabinets. Also, remember to remove and clean the exhaust fan and kitchen hood which will be packed with grime and oil. Thoroughly clean and disinfect all electronic appliances. In the bathroom, scrub and clean the grout between the floor and wall tiles, the sides of the bathtub, and all the fixtures.

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